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SAU 20

Welcome all staff, students & communities

"The Mission of SAU 20 is to cooperatively support the success of the students of our communities by providing quality administrative services and being fiscally responsible."


We do everything to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our students and employees at SAU20 Additional COVID 19 information can be found here

Students in Science Class Experimenting with Balloon's

Student Life/School Life

Check out our student life at each of our schools.  School websites and schools social media


Moving to DUMMER ✦ ERROL ✦ MILAN ✦ GORHAM ✦ RANDOLPH ✦ SHELBURNE? Have children student age? Click below to Enroll them in one of our schools.

Trying to fill out re-enrollment forms for the new year? Click below

Building Photos of all SAU20 schools. Ed Fenn, GMHS, Errol and Milan Village School
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