Director of Special Services

Jennifer Katz-Borrin

E-mail: jennifer.katz-borrin@sau20.org

Phone: 603-466-3632 ext. 1106

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Support Services



Special Education

SAU 20 is committed to an inclusive philosophy of education.  Students with disabilities are educated, to the maximum extent possible, with their typically developing peers.   Teachers, counselors, and special education staff continue to work together to meet the comprehensive needs of our students in the general education classroom.


Kindergarten-Grade 12


A continuum of services is provided to ensure that students have an optimum opportunity to succeed. Teams of professionals meet frequently to develop the optimum educational programs for the students in their schools.
Teachers, parents, agency affiliates, physicians and others who are involved with our students are encouraged to participate as part of each student's educational team.


If a student is experiencing difficulty academically, socially and/or emotionally, parents are encouraged to call the Director of Special Services. 


Preschool (Ages 3-5)


Child Find screenings, which take place annually, provide an opportunity for parents to refer preschool children to determine whether they are in need of services prior to kindergarten.  Although many children will be referred to Child Find, evaluations may take place at other times during the year, as needed.  Preschool referrals for Milan, Dummer, or Errol should be directed to Mandy Roberge-mandy.roberge@sau20.org.  GRS Cooperative referrals should be directed to Brooke Grondin-brooke.grondin@sau20.org