• David Backler

September 2018

This morning, as I drove past the changing colors of the Killkenny and Presidential ridgelines, I felt a familiar sense of awe at the grandeur and beauty of our landscape. As I travelled through the communities of the Androscoggin Valley and past the evidence of the hard work of so many who invest their time and creativity into making our place special, that awe deepened. I am grateful to be living in this region and raising my family here.

This gratitude helps drive my sense of purpose to work in our schools and to support my talented colleagues develop an education geared to meet the needs of every student. Our work builds from a strong and longstanding value in education held in our community. Our students are challenged in a nurturing environment where they develop the skills and resilience required to thrive in today’s diverse world, and it is paying off.

The following data was gathered by Principal Jen Corrigan about the Gorham Middle and High School (GMHS):

The Gorham High School has graduated 100% of its students for over 5 years and, as you can see from last year’s data, almost all of them go on to meaningful post-secondary programs. As a Superintendent this information makes me proud. As a father, I aspire to watch my boys exceed my accomplishments and quality of life. I feel confident that growing up in our community and being molded by the people and opportunities here will make this possible.

There is always more work to be done, but it is important to appreciate what is already in place.

David Backler, Superintendent SAU 20


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