• David Backler


SAU 20 is focused on developing more resilient students. We know our students will encounter both success and difficulty in school and life regardless of their path and talents. We are working with them to learn to embrace their missteps and mistakes. We want them to experience resistance and, in the face of that resistance, to remain determined and to assess and then take the steps required to reach their goals.

As adults we all can look back on experiences we’ve had that have been true learning experiences and know that the achievements that didn’t come easily or on the first try were the most meaningful. As a parent, I know how tempting it is to protect our children and dull the pain of disappointment and loss. It takes real discipline to keep a long view of our children’s development.

SAU 20 was part multi-district professional development day on Oct. 5th. We spent the day with Lynn Lyons who is an expert on anxiety and kids. Several times she told us things that were hard to hear. One of my takeaways was that just because we have the ability to track our kids with their phones it doesn’t mean that we should. Allowing our children some autonomy and the opportunity to fail is a critical part of allowing them to become self-regulating, well-adjusted individuals who can solve problems independently.



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