• david.backler

Meeting the needs of our students

February 2019

I was speaking with my oldest son who attends GMHS as a 7th grader and we were discussing his current lessons. He told me about the book that he had just finished and needed to conference with a teacher and the math lesson that was challenging him. He also told me about a learning expedition he was involved with where he and all of his classmates are creating a virtual World’s Fair. During this conversation I realized that even after all the talk about reform in education there are still more similarities to the schools I grew up attended than not.

Good education is still, at its core the relationship between a dedicated educator and an engaged student. We have better tools to determine where each students needs are currently and we have better training to meet those needs but the objective remains the same. We need to support the learning of every child.

As I walk the halls of any school in the SAU I see students who understand that school is a resource for them. I see students who truly get that hard work and effort will pay off. I know that these students will go off to do amazing things as adults. The relationships they have formed with the educators in their buildings helped guide them to this. It makes me proud to know that my staff works hard every day to meet the needs of these amazing students and I am excited to see where we grow from here.


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