• david.backler

Introduction to AVEC

August 2019

During the last 18 months stakeholders from SAU 20, SAU 3 and WMCC have been working together to determine how we can best support our students. The group is called the Androscoggin Valley Education Collaborative (AVEC). This summer we developed some clear objectives that clarify our purpose and direction.

At the Androscoggin Valley Education Collaborative we are working for our communities. We aim to:

Provide our students with more opportunities and ensure that they have the best educational experience we can provide them,

Strengthen our schools by working together to find solutions, new thinking, and share costs – so that we can get the most out of our investment in education,

Bring Androscoggin Valley communities together to support strong schools and give our students great opportunities we cannot offer alone. Our future is stronger together.

We bring the communities of the Androscoggin Valley together to address challenges, set priorities, and advocate for successful students in our region. The AVEC steering committee includes representatives from School Administrative Unit 3 and SAU 20, that includes: Berlin, Gorham, Randolph, Shelburne, Milan, Dummer, and Errol, as well as White Mountains Community College, and North Country Education Services.



PHONE: 603-466-3632   FAX: 603-466-3870