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Phone Directories

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GRS Staff Support Contract
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Employee Self Service Portal- Not your Timesheet/TimeOff

This is the direct link to your employee self service portal account if you are trying to go to time off. Please go to Staff website home page and hit the button on the bottom of the screen that says Time Off because it is a two step process. If you want to log in and see your time off requests, your paystubs, emergency contact information, change your direct deposit information and more. Then use the links below to login. Errol Consolidated School Gorham Schools- Ed Fenn & GMHS Milan Village School SAU 20 Office

Employee Assistance Program - Resources

LifeResources- Personal or Work Issues - For All Employees - Click for more info Live Health Online - Get expert advice, a treatment plan and prescriptions if needed. Click for more info

Time Off

Time off is a two step process. Step 1- Fill out the 3 questions asked with the link below and submit. Step 2 - After submittal of the Google Form (Sub/Time Off Request), a link will popup to complete the time off process on the Employee Self Service Portal, click the link and submit your leave on the Portal. GMHS Time Off EFS Time Off Milan Time Off Errol Time Off

Student Loan Request Form

$500.00 Student Loan Request Form $1000.00 Student Loan Request Form *Use amount that is show on contract.

Title IX Formal Complaint Form